Breakfast Seminar: Petter Lindblad - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Breakfast Seminar: Petter Lindblad

Together with the creative industry in Fredrikstad and Blender Collective, the festival presents a breakfast seminar to kick-start the festival Thursday morning. The Swedish producer and director Petter Lindblad will do a work in progress presentation of his upcoming VR-short film Lifegiver, which he and co-director Alexander Rönnberg are producing with funding from the Swedish Film Institute. Lifegiver is an animated VR film dealing with refugees placed in a science fiction format, and tells a story about their fate and the difficult moral decisions people face in a highly difficult situation. In the presentation Petter Lindblad will tell the audience about the process of developing the story, why they choose the format of VR-short film and some thoughts about what the experience will be like.