Breakfast Talk: Fredrikstad Show and Tell - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Breakfast Talk: Fredrikstad Show and Tell

Fredrikstad’s creative industry is flourishing. Well-known for its optimism, the city ishome to several highly acclaimed studios and animation, film and design agencies. In this breakfast talk at the industry area at Blender Collective, you can meet some of the key players from the local industry and follow the presentations of two in-house studios:

Netron is a digital creative agency specialising in film, animation, and interactive media. Their work runs the gamut from motion graphics, via 2D animation to full-blown 3D animation and live-action film projects. They have a small but agile teamwith a wide range of visual styles, enabling them to choose the technique and stylethat best suits the message on a per-project basis.

Provinsen is a design studio working on projects related to visual identity and branding,but also film and animation. In close partnership with the filmmaker Harald Fossen,they merge design processes with the classic filmmaking process. Their goal is to move people with design.