Breakfast Seminar: Goodbye Kansas Studio - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Breakfast Seminar: Goodbye Kansas Studio

Together with the creative industry in Fredrikstad and the Blender Collective, the festival presents a breakfast seminar to kick-start the festival Thursday morning. This year the award winning, Swedish Goodbye Kansas Studios, will hold the seminar. The studio creates visual effects, digital animation and motion capture form movies, game trailers and commercials. Goodbye Kansas Studios aims to be intimately associated with the most iconic characters and stories of popular culture by pure force of imagination and technical excellence. Their award-winning wizards in VFX, CGI, motion capture and animations have played a role in the TV, movies, game trailers and commercials that define popular culture all over the world. The Studio has worked with Visual effects for the TV series The Walking Dead, Character design for the short film Adam, a Unity project, and previously visual effects for the Palme d’Or winning film The Square. The seminar is held by Goodbye Kansas Claes Dietmann.