Character Design – Carter Goodrich - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Character Design – Carter Goodrich

Remember your favourite character from Ratatouille, Coco,  Finding  Nemo, Shrek or Despicable  Me? Chances are that character was created by Carter Goodrich. The creator of a majority of the characters in these movies comes to Fredrikstad Animation Festival to tell us about his work and the methods he employs in creating iconic characters. Considered one of the greatest in his field, Carter Goodrich possesses a distinct and easily recognizable style that places a particularly rare and imaginative spin on all his characters. During Friday’s seminar, he will give a keynote in which he shares his experiences as a character designer and illustrator, and shows us some of his work through three decades.  

The seminar is open to participants  with an valid Industry or Student pass (Friday or for the entire festival).