Krüger & Krogh - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Krüger & Krogh

The trio Bjarte Agdestein, Ronald Kabíček and Endre Skandfer made their debut as graphic novelists in 2014, with their first edition of Krüger & Krogh. With splendid critiques and even one of Norway richest, the heir of a tobacco company and shipowner Johan H. Andresen, bought 1000 copies in pure enthusiasm. Urbanist and author Erling Fossen wrote that “Norwegian Graphic Novels will never be the same”. The book was printed in four editions, and a new is one the way. It won both the Norweigan Pondus-award and Sproing awards. The creators soon announced that book number two is in the making and some even talked about international sales. But as soon as the peak of fame was established, it all went silent. The three creators wanted to do the next album bigger and better in every way. They soon realized the task to compete against themselves and top their debut was hard. The hard second album is a well know phrase in the music industry, and the creators soon realised it was a fact for graphic novels as well. Now four years later they are finally ready for the sequel Spøkelsetåken. In their talk Friday night, they will talk about the long and troublesome process of making book number two in the series.