New Nordic Animation - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

New Nordic Animation

What’s going on in the Nordic countries?

The festival invited four speakers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway to present their latest projects. The animation scene is vibrant and growing in all of these countries, and the presentation will feature some of the hottest directors, producers and studios from the cold north.

The forum is put together in collaboration with different Nordic associations for animation: SAAVA – The Swedish Association for animation and VFX, ANIS – the Danish association for animation and Finnanimation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the Finnish animation industry.

The speakers in this year’s forum:

Director Rasmus Sivertsen of Qvisten, the biggest animation studio in Norway, who will present their upcoming feature Helt Super, which is currently in development. From Sweden, head of Dockhus animation Mikael Lindbom will present the studio and some of their latest projects. Terhi Väänänen is the CEO and co-founder of Pyjama Films, a Turku-based Finish animation studio, and will talk about the studio’s freshly developed series Belzebubs and Planet Z. Last but not least is Irene Sparre, CEO of Danish concept, development and production house Sparre Production.