New Nordic Animation - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

New Nordic Animation

Every year, FAF gathers some of the foremost producers, filmmakers, and studios from across the Nordic region for a forum which is dedicated to shining a light on all the innovation happening in the field of animation in our part of the world. The forum is a collaboration among several Nordic organizations within the animation industry, and this year, exciting projects from all over the Nordics will be presented. 

Qvisten Animation, led by director Will Ashurst, will offer a Work-In-Progress presentation of The Brothers Gruff go to Splash World, set to premiere in Norwegian cinemas in December. From Sweden, Nordisk Film and producer Anna Warfvinge will showcase the studio’s work in developing animated TV-series. Additionally, Magnus Igland Møller from the Danish animation studio Tumblehead will share insights into the studio’s success with short films like Svinedrængen and how they achieve their unique 3D style. Also Liisa Vähäkylä will present her new book about Nordic Animation that was published earlier this year.


Anna Warfvinge

Anna Warfvinge is a producer at Nordisk Film Production in Sweden. She has been working in film and television since 2010. Her career includes working with Swedish public broadcaster SVT, freelance work and she has worked with Nordisk Film since 2015. Most recent works include co-producing the critically acclaimed Unruly by Malou Reymann and producing the pilot/short film Doris & Bettan Marbella Mayhem. Anna is also an alumnus of the Rotterdam Lab 2021, Young Nordic Producers Club 2021, and Nordic Producers Club+ 2022.

Magnus Igland Møller

Magnus Møller is co-founder of Tumblehead Animation Studio, based in Viborg, Denmark. He loves cartoony design and animation in 3D, with a 2D approach to design, models and rigs. In the past 15 years he has worked on multiple films, games, commercials and TV projects, as director, designer, lookdev artist, modeller and rigger. He has worked with clients such as Disney, Lego, Sony and Google.

Will Ashurst

Will Ashurst started as a traditional animator and story artist in 200. He co-created King Arthur’s Disasters in the UK, which earned him a BAFTA nomination. He has contributed to many children’s film productions and as director he also helped reimagine the Elias universe for an international audience in Elias’ New Adventures. He made his debut as a feature director on the award-winning Anchors Up, also from the Elias universe. He currently works at Qvisten Animation and has had success with the Cattle Hill film series, his fourth feature, The Brothers Gruff go to Splashworld will be released this Christmas.