Norwegian Highlights and WIP / Nordic-French Collaboration - Animation Production Day Part III - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Norwegian Highlights and WIP / Nordic-French Collaboration – Animation Production Day Part III

Norwegian Highlights & WIP

Frederick P. N. Howard – Storm Films
Cornelia Boysen – Maipo Film
Julian Nazario Vargas – Animaskin

Panel Debate

Nordic-French collaboration: Industry members from Norway and France that specialize in short film, art film, and independent features will share and discuss their experience of working together on film production and distribution. How do you distribute your final work to an international market? That’s a recurring question all creatives try to explore.

The Production Day is organized by Animasjon Norge, a subdivision of Virke Produsentforeningen with Frank Mosvold and Thomas Malmonte as project managers, and in collaboration with Fredrikstad Animation Festival. This event is supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, Virke Produsentforeningen and Viken Filmsenter.


Frederick P. N. Howard

Frederick Howard, educated at Westerdals School of Arts, Communication and Technology and The Norwegian Film School, is currently refining his PhD focused on the management of multi-disciplinary collaborative processes. He stands as the leader of Storm Films and holds a board position at the VFX power house, Storm Studios. Among his acclaimed productions are Three Wishes for Cinderella (2021), Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure in Lama Rama (2014), and the Disney, Samka and Cartoon Saloon co-pro Vikingskool (2022), where he serves as executive producer and series creator. Howard currently spearheads the production of four approved animated features.

Cornelia Boysen

Cornelia Boysen is one of Norway’s most experienced producers and is behind some of Norway’s biggest box office successes. She has produced a wide range of both animated and live-action films for a broad audience, among them the animated trilogy and box office hit about Louis and Luca (2013, 2015 & 2018) and the EFA Young Audience Award winner from 2020; The Crossing. She is currently in production with three feature films, scheduled for release in 2024/2025.

Julian Vargas

Julian Vargas studied classical animation at Volda University College, and has since 2007 made over 200 intros for TV series and shows, and delivered special effects for some of Norway’s most popular productions. His work has been screened at festivals all over the world, and has won many awards. Today he is a creative director at Animaskin, an animation studio he established in 2013. Julian will take part in the panel about Animation in Documentaries, and will hold a seminar for the Upper Secondary school on Thursday.