Panel: Animation in Documentaries - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Panel: Animation in Documentaries

In recent years we have seen a couple of documentaries that uses a combination of both animation and live action footage to tell a story. Two feature films using this combination of live action and animation technique will be screened during the festival; The Night and The Man who Knew 75 Languages. The competition programme for Commissioned Films has also included the animation part of the TV documentary Stemmene i hodet. These three highly recognised Norwegian productions show unique works of animation and design, and how it is vital for the documentary to complete it’s history. In this panel, we will bring both the animators and the documentarist behind the projects to discuss the outcome of the cooperation’s, why and how animations was used in the documentary and what struggles the filmmakers may have encountered in the process. The panel will consist of the animation director Julian Vargas (Stemmene i hodet) and the documentary directors Anne Magnussen (The Man Who Knew 75 Languages) and Steffan Strandberg (The Night).