Workshop in Animation for Young Talents - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Workshop in Animation for Young Talents

Join the largest animation festival in the Nordic region and learn more about how to create your own animated films. If you’re interested in animation and film and have a dream of making your own animated films, you can participate in a workshop with the award-winning filmmaker Ida Melum at Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

The workshop focuses on fundamental animation principles to breathe life and movement into characters and objects using stop-motion animation. Ida will share tips and tricks she uses daily in professional production. Participants will have hands-on tasks such as animating and learning about the equipment and tools used in stop-motion.

Come join the animation workshop!

Practical information

Date: October 20th to 22nd
Location: E6 – Østfold Medieverksted in Fredrikstad
Deadline for registration: Ongoing
The course is free, and accommodation is provided.

The course is organized by the Fredrikstad Animation Festival in collaboration with Amandus International Student Film Festival – Lillehammer and E6 – Østfold Medieverksted, with support from Viken Ung.

Participants are also accredited for the festival and are invited to the festival’s film screenings and seminars that take place separately. A separate program will be provided.

Ida Melum is a BAFTA-nominated and Annie Award-winning animation director based in England and Sweden. After training as an actor in Norway, she studied animation at Middlesex University, London. She has worked as a stop-motion animator on films like the BAFTA-winning Poles Apart and Facin It before deciding to pursue a Master’s in Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School in London. During her time at NFTS, she created films like Shopped and OvaryActing before making her graduation film Night of the Living Dread in 2021. She recently worked on Attenborough’s Wonder of Song, a nature documentary for the BBC. She is currently working freelance and developing a new short film.