Thursday's highlights - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Thursday’s highlights

The festival opened with crowds of people, and wonderful atmosphere.

The day started with Edufest. Here were two seminars, which included lectures by two renowned Scandinavian filmmakers who have international animation careers.


Symposium was also one of our seminars. Animation is used throughout science to convey scientific data in an engaging and efficient way, condensing information and disentangling complex ideas so that a wide audience can acquire vital knowledge.


Throughout the day, we had also opened up the opportunity for our festival guests to try VR. This will also be an opportunity today.


FAF also opened the possibility that you could present your portfolio the festival’s professional guests and partners. Here you got the opportunity to get feedback from professionals such as Christine Burmeister who is a creative producer and Claus Toksvig Kjaer who is a producer.


We collaborate with the best wine and sake bar in Fredrikstad, hoi polloi. The festival presented a selection of the best abstract and non-figurative animated films from the international animation scene.


On TÆPS also had a fun program, a special quiz for FAF. Usually they have traditional quiz Thursdays, but now the quiz was dedicated to us! Here it was party and fun, at the same time as you got to sharpen up a bit.

The opening film was the Norwegian premiere of the Danish-Norwegian feature film Flee directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, and the world premiere of the latest short film from the Oscar-winning Norwegian studio Mikrofilm, Frydenlund Hair Parlour, directed by Hanne Berkaak. Also, the Finnish short film Flames by Maja Viitahuhta had its festival premiere during the opening ceremony.

During this year’s opening ceremony, the “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented. The award-winning guest of honor is Morten Thorning, who has made a lifelong work for the Nordic-Baltic animated film. Congratulations Morten!


Midnight madness: for the second year in a row, our faithful partners, TÆPS, have presented a fun program during tonight’s festivities.