Origin of man

24 OCT / 16:00 / Sal 3
26 OCT / 12:00 / Sal 3

Are we immigrants from another place, a planet square as a box? When a hostile creature threatened the planet, the denizens had to evacuate, leaving their identity and memory behind. We no longer remember the square planet, but keep building square boxes here on earth. But for some of us the memories of the Crystal planet return in small fragments.

  • Directed by: Pjotr Sapegin
  • Country: Norway, 2019
  • Time: 13m
  • Type: Stop motion and glass table animation
  • Production: Merete Korsberg
  • Animation: Marcos Valin, Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen, Pjotr Sapegin
  • Company: Norwegian Toolbox/Fabelfjord

Pjotr Sapegin was born in Moscow in 1955, to a family of artists. He holds a Master’s degree in stage technology and design. After completing his studies he worked for 15 years as stage designer and art-director in various russian theatres – among them the renowned Bolshoi Theatre. He emigrated to Norway in the 90s and began writing and directing animation films. He has since become one of Norway’s most awarded and recognised directors.

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