Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the oldest and largest of its kind in the Nordic region, dating back to 1994 and the festival Animerte Dager in Oslo, Norway. The annual festival now takes place each October in the town of Fredrikstad, outside of Oslo. One of the cornerstones of the festival is the Nordic-Baltic animated short film competition, with the awarding of the prize known as the Golden Gunnar. The festival is a professional arena for the animation industry, as well as an important event for students and educational institutions within animation, graphic design and digital media production. Each year, top animation industry professionals hold seminars and lectures, and the festival has previously hosted guests from famous studios such as Pixar, Disney and Aardman.

Previously Guest and speakers:

Richard Williams (GB): Three times Oscar winner, legend, animator, director and writer of The Animators Survival Kit (FAF 2015)
Andreas Deja (US): Legendary Disney Animator (FAF 2008)
Gene Deitch (US): UPA legden (FAF 2008)
Don Hahn (US): Producer Disney (Lion King) (FAF 2011)
Carter Goodrich (US): Character designer (FAF 2018)
Suzie Tempelton (GB): Oscar winning Director (FAF2011)
Marcy Page (CA): Oscar winning Producer from National Film Board of Canada (NFB) (FAF 2012)
Ralph Eggleston (US): Designer and Art Director Pixar (FAF 2009)
Konstantin Bronzit  (RU): Oscar nominated Short Film Director (FAF 20169
Tomm Moore (IE): Oscar nominated Director from the highly acclaimed Irish Studio Cartoon Saloon (FAF 2013)
Bill Plympton (US): Oscar nominated Director and king of Independent Animation (FAF 2013, AD 1994)
Joanna Quinn (GB): Oscar nominated and Bafta winning Short Film Director (FAF 2015)
Anita Killi (NO): Most winning Norwegian Short Film Maker (FAF 2013)
Torill Kove (NO): Three time Oscar nominated and once Oscar winner, Short Film Director (FAF 2012)
Michal Makarewicz (US): Emile awarded Animation Supervisor of Pixar (FAF 2014)
Michel Ocelot (FR): Legendary and highly acclaimed French Director (FAF 2008)
Danny Antonucci (CA): Creator of Ed, Edd n’ Eddy TV-series on Cartoon Network (FAF 2014)
Benjamin Renner (FR): Oscar nominated Director of Ernest & Celestiné (FAF 2013)
Rasmus Sivertsen (NO): The most wanted Norwegian director of all time (FAF 2015, 2014, 2007)
Jan Svankmajer (CZ): Czech Animator Legende (AD 1998)
Pär Åhlin (SE): Swedish Director Legend (FAF 2004)
Pritt Pärn (EE): Highly acclaimed Short Film Director and Teacher (FAF 2004)


Fredrikstad Kino
Nygårdsgt 16
1606 Fredrikstad

Litteraturhuset i Fredrikstad
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1607 Fredrikstad


Festival Director
Anders Narverud Moen
Tel: +4795109697

Festival Manager
Jonas Saabel

Post and Visit Address
Nygaardsgata 33
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Festival Board

Head of Board:
Trine Vallevik Håbjørg

Søren Fleng
Yaprak Morali
Lise Fearnley

Åshild Van Nuys